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First Things First February 22, 2009

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As a working mom with a toddler, I find it difficult to accomplish all of the things I would like in the small amount of ‘me’ time that I get each day.  I was out browsing Ravelry yesterday and found a group for the 52 in 52 challenge.  The challenge is to read 52 books in the 52 weeks of 2009.  I have accepted this challenge and will post a list of books, and the occasional review off on my 52 books page. 

I’ve also made a promise to myself that I will start knitting more.  My goal is to complete at least 1 small, and one larger project each month, and for more of my knitting to stay with me.   Again, on Ravelry, I clearly have more items that I covet, than I have time to knit, but I have prioritized, and am hoping that I can embark on, and complete a few sweaters this year and not just hats, scarves and socks.  I used to think that i had a problem, project ADD as I called it, where I would have two or more projects in process (WIPs) and work back and forth on them as I was in the mood, but as I browse online at other blogs, I find that I am not alone, and in fact, am coming to the conclusion that this may be how knitting is best enjoyed. 

Today being Sunday, I’ll be out for some family time with my son and husband.  Possibly the zoo, maybe somewhere else.  That’s the advantage of living in Florida, it is almost always comfortable enough during the day to be out for long periods of leisure time without bundling up.  I really miss snow in winter and the general change of seasons, but Florida does have it’s merits.

That does it for now….more to come