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Swaparama May 12, 2009

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Since the first part of the year I’ve participated on a few online swaps through Ravelry….can I just say WHAT FUN!. I have had the best swap partners. I have done a Coffee, Chocolate and Yarn Swap, and got totally spoiled. I’ve done a book/yarn and magic yarn ball, and a secret $20 budget swap. All were fun. I got my last package a couple of days ago, and can’t get my mind off of the HUGE amount of yarn I was sent….it is at least enough to make the sweater pattern she sent me, and I can’t get the sweater out of my head…..I SO want to start working with other swap yarns that I’ve gotten (Tofutsie, some LLama yarn, and a couple balls of some Merino blend yarn) I have plans for all of them, and more, but I think they’re going to have to wait in line. The sweater is similar in style to the February Lady Sweater that I”ve been coveting, but uses a finer gauge yarn, and a different lace pattern. Still, it is SO cute, and I really need a good go to sweater for the summer. I have one, but it is short sleeve, cotton and off-white. Cute but a little boring and heavy. So, I’m going to make a gauge swatch tonight, and hopefully, I’m going to be able to cast on by the end of the week….fingers crossed. I have a package that I need to get boxed up and shipped out in the next couple of days, and then on to the next swap. I love this swap thing….I think I may have a small additction thing going, but I’ve been good, and kept myself to no more than 2 at a time. Thats all I can manage on my budget.